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Replace vs. repair: What to do when your roof breaks down


When the roof is breaking down, everyone’s first instinct is to fix it. This is correct most of the times, as it would be a terrible waste of time and money to replace the entire structure just to fix a couple of leaks.

However, time and nature eventually take their toll. You can patch up the holes, replace any broken shingles or rotten wood, but your roof will never be exactly as it was when it was first built. Eventually, a time will come when you’ll have to replace it altogether.

So, how can you tell if that time is now? The following are a few indicators it’s time to replace your roof:

  1. Would replacing your roof be cheaper than repairing it?
    By consulting a roofing company, like Reliable Roof Repair, you can get an estimate on how much it would take to replace everything. Compare that with your yearly repair costs, and you might just get a surprise.
  1. Is your roof getting a bit too old?
    After 20-25 years of being installed, the shingles start breaking down and the wood starts decaying. At this point, there’s no other choice but to replace it all. There may still be usable shingles and pillars left, but they’ll probably soon rot as well.
  1. Do you have multiple layers of shingles installed?
    On the off chance you’ve added a new layer of shingles instead of replacing the old one, there’s a high chance both of them will decay at a much faster rate. This is rarely done by roof repair companies because the friction and retained heat between the 2 layers reduces their lives considerably.If you have multiple layers of shingles installed, and they are starting to break down, do not add another one. You’ll save more money and time by simply replacing them all.
  1. Are your shingles buckling, curling or losing granules?
    A good look at your shingles on a sunny day can tell you a lot about their condition. If they’re curling, buckling or if granules are missing, they probably won’t last for much longer.If just a few of them are breaking down, you may want to have them replaced. If most of them are breaking down, you may have to replace everything.
  1. Can you see daylight, mold or moisture from inside your attic?
    If daylight pierces your attic’s ceiling, so can rain and moisture. Mold or multiple fissures may mean your roof is growing old and needs to be changed.Just in case, consult with an expert before making a decision. Often, a couple of patches are all that is needed to keep your roof going for a few more years.
  1. Was your roof hit by a natural disaster?
    If your roof is hit by a falling tree, by lightning or by fire, it may end up beyond repair. However, if you do have to tear it down, make sure you preserve whatever materials are still intact, so you can lessen the burden on your budget when building it back up.

Overall, if your roof has sustained enough damage to make you think of replacing it, it’s best to call in an expert to assess the situation. If he believes it can still be fixed, he can also tell you the best way to go about it. If it must be replaced, he can point out what materials can be salvaged.

Over the years, Reliable Roof Repair has provided hundreds of homes and buildings with quality roof repairs that often doubled their lifelines. If you’re in need of a qualified professional to assess your roof’s condition, give us a call at 1.855.582.7263, and we will send one over.


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