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Top 10 Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

Top 10 signs your roof needs repair

It should be obvious when your roof needs to have some work done; water dripping from the ceiling whenever it rains and sunlight filtering in through the boards should give you a few sure-fire hints. However, sometimes the damage your roof sustains isn’t as obvious and it may come as a surprise when more drastic issues result.

The following are the ten best signs that your roof needs fixing:

1.    Visible Wear & Tear

top 10 signs your roof needs repair

If your roof simply looks worn, aged, and weather-beaten in appearance, this alone is a warning sign. Broken, missing or dislodged shingles, loose granules or bare spots may not seem to be important at first but can eventually lead to more urgent issues. Finding lots of granules in your gutters is definite evidence that your shingles have taken a beating. You’ll want to have your gutters cleaned out at least once a year to ensure that your roof continues to function properly.

Even what might seem to be inconsequential physical damage, such as small depressions in your shingles from hail, cracks and tears from animals and tree limbs can become detrimental later. In the aftermath of a major storm it is a good idea to have a professional inspect at your roof for signs of battering.

  1. Curled or Distorted Shingles

Curled, clawing, cupped edges, buckling or blistering shingles are another thing to watch out for as they usually mean your shingles are more easily broken and make your roof more helpless to wind, water leaks and ice damage.

  1. Shelf Life

Shingle and asphalt roofs tend to have a shelf-life of about 20 – 30 years, so if you know your roof is approaching or over its age limit, it may be time to think about getting some repairs done. If your houses were built around the same time and your neighbours are getting their roofs mended this probably means you should consider it as well.

4.    Discolorations and Streaks


While they may seem unimportant, or more related to the roof’s aesthetic appeal than anything else, dark stains on tiles and inconsistent colouring over the length of the roof are other symptoms of a roof in need of repair. Airborne algae usually cause these dark streaks, especially in hot, wetter climates. Discolorations generally mean that parts of tile granules have worn off or paint and sealants have worn away.

5.    Moss, Mildew, and Mould

top 10 signs that your roof needs repair


Moss, mildew, and mould should be top considerations especially if you live in a humid, hot or rainy environment. Moss may seem innocuous, but its roots can get creep under tiles, lifting them up and exposing your roof to water, mould, and bacteria – in addition to rotting it.

Mould, which is usually recognizable by slimy film, fuzzy black, green or brown spots, spreads quickly and demolishes the construction of a building. Both mould and mildew are toxic to breath in.

6.    Sagging Roofline


If you’ve got a sagging roofline, you probably have much more serious problems than peripheral shingle damage! Drooping or depressions aren’t something to take lightly – they can indicate critical structural issues. Sagging usually points to weakened roof material, poorly installed roofing, construction issues or excess weight accumulation. You’ll want to investigate for poorly constructed or broken beams and rafters as well.

  1. Flashing Damage

Flashings are metal sheets are vital to making your roof more water-resistant. The flashings around rakes, eaves, skylights, and other parts of your roof are susceptible to dried out caulking, separation, lifting or other complications.

  1. Skylight Damage


Cracks in your skylight might initially seem minor but can eventually result in the entire glass shattering and falling in. It goes without saying that this opens up gaps in the roof, makes it much more defenseless to external elements and compromises its integrity.

  1. Water Spots/Water Stains

top ten signs that your roof needs repair

Signs of water infiltration are not always easily visible. Water spots, stains, and other symptoms of a water leak are often found in places you might not expect such as exterior walls, behind appliances and under floor boards. Discolorations, texture issues on ceilings, walls or other areas are an indicator that your roof may need to be inspected.

  1. Odours

Detectable unpleasant odours, especially a damp musty smell from your walls and basements are a definite sign of water leak issues which often are the mark of a badly functioning roof system. They usually stem from growth of mould or mildew due to moisture build up and poor air circulation.



A faulty roof can cause all kinds of trouble and even lead to a complete roof collapse if not properly monitored and maintained over time. It can reduce insulation, bring you increased energy and water bills, property value depreciation and be destructive to walls and other parts of your home. Therefore, if you’ve noticed any of the above factors, it is probably time to consider having your roof checked out by a reliable specialist. 

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