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Rooftop & Attic Ventilation: Help Your House to Breathe

Rooftop Ventilation

Is your rooftop and attic not getting the ventilation it needs? Are you looking to solve this problem before your top floor’s dampness and warmth reaches the rest of your home?

If your loft’s ventilation needs to be improved, our Reliable Roof Repair company is just a phone call away. As one of the market leaders in rooftop and attic ventilation, our hand picked team of professionals helps tens of families each year.

Why is ventilation so important?

Like its owner, the house must breathe. Not doing so risks the appearance of mold, ice dams, wetness and other such problems.

When opening a couple of windows in a well designed loft, the air travels uninhibited, and the room rapidly reaches the outside temperature. Even without opening anything, the attic’s vents keep its condition close to that outside. This is highly important to avoid dampness in the winter and caught heat in the summer.

Unfortunately, many attics are not properly ventilated, reducing their lifespan and making them a challenge to live in.

How do you determine whether you need better ventilation?

At Reliable Roof Repair, our experts know exactly what to look for, but you can do a basic check on your attic as well. A few things you should inspect are as follows:

  1. Ice dams, mold and dampness. While ice dams are relatively easy to remove, the appearance of mold and dampness in your attic is a sure sign of poor ventilation.
  2. Your vents. If there aren’t any vents to be seen in the eaves or on your roof, you need to add some, as they will greatly increase your attic’s ventilation.
  3. Your roof. If you touch your roof on a warm day and it’s too hot, you may want to replace or coat it with something more resistant.

If you notice one of the above or you’d like a professional to do a full assessment of your Rooftop & Attic Ventilation, Reliable Roof Repair is available to help. For a free evaluation of your ventilation system, complete our online form or call 1.855.582.7263.

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